Tune into Galway Bay FM

Kenny is going to be on Galway Bay FM at 10.30 this morning, talking about our Pictiúrlann Beag na Gaillimhe – Seachtain Na Gaelige Speisialta! night tomorrow Upstairs in Kelly’s Bar, with all films in Irish language!

Tune in to find out all the details.

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Little Cinema January 2014 Recap

The films, the crowd and the ambiance at our first Little Cinema screening of 2014 were all absolutely stupendous!

Have a look for yourself:

1. Aaron Corless and Carla Maria Tighe – Trailer for Documentary about The Quiet Man

2. Ger Considine – “Should the Sun Go Down in Galway Che”

3. Joe Caslin – “Our Nations Sons – Achill Henge”

4. John Mulvaney – The Mighty Stef “No Days Off”

5. Peter McGann – “Validation”

6. Ronan O’Conghaile – My Hero (A Tribute to Shauna)

7. Barry Ryan - “Omey Island – Joe Boske”

8. Oisin Woods- New Sunset Hotel “Love Revolution” 

9. Phillip Greaney – Police Cops Episode 1

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Little Cinema Tomorrow Night

The first regular screening of 2014 is taking place tomorrow in Kelly’s Bar on Bridge Street. We have a fab line-up of shorts prepared for you (see below). And February billing is full already! Just goes to show the wealth of films that are being made in Galway. Keep the creativity alive folks!

Join our event on facebook.


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Little Cinema – The Room Screening 2014

Thanks everyone who came along last to the Room screening! Mighty craic was had!

Kenny and Liam had great fun introducing the phenomenon to some of our ‘Room Virgins’.

Congrats to Sarah Browne, our best Tommy Wiseau look-alike from last night’s screening! She got three Little Cinema cocktails as a reward!

Which brings me to the next point of interest – The Little Cinema Cocktail! We have our own cocktail – how awesome is that?!

House infused popcorn rum, butterscotch liqueur and coke. It tases like caramel popcorn and it’s dangerously delicious! Thanks ever so much Kelly’s Galway for the gesture!

The cocktail will ONLY be available at our Little Cinema nights, UPSTAIRS in Kelly’s, for €5. We had it last night and it’s bloody amazing! Sample it next Tuesday at our January screening!


Julia, Kenny and Liam

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Random Acts of Kindness

On the night of our Little Cinema Christmas Special, our Little Cinema ‘Short Films Here Tonight’ sign was cheekily stolen from outside of Kelly’s. It was a pity, as it’s a sign that served us well for a long time!  We put the word out there on social media, trying to claim it back.

It was later found – muddied, creased and with tyre marks on it!

BUUUUUUT, and this is LOVELY, the manager at Cantec Print got in touch with us the next day, saying that if we need to get the sign re-done they would be able to help us out free of charge!

In the end, they gave us not one, but TWO signs! It is acts of kindness like that that tip the balance in the world for the good!

Thank you so so much to the peeps at Cantec Print! Make sure you think of them for your printing needs next time and follow them on facebook and twitter!

Julia, Kenny and Liam

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Little Cinema Christmas Special

The Little Cinema Christmas Special Screening has sort of become our tradition now, this one was our third! On a Tuesday before Christmas we all get together Upstairs in Kelly’s Bar and kick off the festivities with Christmas themed films made specially for the night. We also always pick a charity to help out to spread the joy and hold a special raffle to raise some fund for a worthy cause. This year we chose Console. If you haven’t yet heard about Console, they are the national suicide prevention and bereavement assistance charity.  We chose it because we think everyone has been touched by this issue, directly or indirectly and the people behind the charity have already saved many lives!

We also made them this video featuring two powerful stories of two truly inspiring people and highlights the great work that Console does.

Console can be contacted on or their National Helpline number: 1800 201 890 

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful sponsors and good will of people that attended the screening we have raised a wonderful €564.02, which will be put towards the great work that they do. Once more, HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone for their support and our fantastic sponsors: Allan Cavanagh from Caricatures IrelandMissmash, Goodness Cakes, Kelly’s Galway, Nails by Naomi, IMC Galway, The Ardilaun Hotel, Galway City On Ice & Joe Casey.

Watch the films screened on the night here:

1. Gary Flaherty: Joe Casey’s “St Stephens Day”

2. Nigel O’Brien: Christmas Wonderland, Athenry

3. David Anthony McCarthy: Cookies & Milk

4. Stephen Burns: Galway Christmas Market

5. The Goodo Tompkins (Kenny Gaughan, Liam Doherty and John Burke):

A take on Boney M! 

Alternate Ending to Scrooge

Messed Up Family’s Christmas Morning

East 17, Joined by the Lads

6. Stephen Cadwell: Top 5 Things to do in Galway for Christmas

7. Wonderfulife Productions: Suicide: Stories of Loss & Hope from Console (Peter & Brian)

8. Andrea Ni Ealaigh: Blaze, A Christmas Special

9.  Jamie and Conor Hooper: The Santa Flaws

10. Peter McGann: Looking For Brendan

11.  Carla Maria Tighe and Aaron Corless: “And Yet So Far”

12. Phillip Greaney: Police Cops – Only You 

13. Ailish Sarah Flaherty: Not Just For Christmas


Ahh, it was a truly wonderful, fuzzy and merry night full of top quality films.

To top it off, here are some photos from the night:

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Watch the documentary about the Little Cinema

Little Cinema Galway. A labour of love. Supporting film-making in Galway at grass roots levels. Fueled by the creativity of local film-makers and film-lovers. Ran by Kenny Gaughan, Liam Doherty and Julia Puchovska.

This is our ID project documentary made with the kind support of Galway Film Centre and Arts Council IrelandGalway City Council and Galway County Council.

It is an opportunity for people that know us to think back over the 3 years of film-making, fun, networking and meeting some truly amazing people. And for people that don’t know us it is a chance to find out what Little Cinema is all about and how it supports film creativity in Galway.

We’d like to say big thank you to our project co-ordinator Nuala Broderick and our editor Manuela Corbari.

Many thanks to the wonderful interviewees Stephen Cadwell, BattleGar Stalactica,Carla Maria Tighe and Aaron Corless, Pickles Malarkey and Colin H McCay, Max Webb and their heart-felt insight.

Special thanks to Christopher Tierney from Fable Interactive Media for providing his awesome 3D animation skills as well as shooting some top footage for us during our screenings.

Last but not least, thanks to Kelly’s Galway for providing the space for all the magic to happen!

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Little Cinema ID Project Screening

We had a great time today at Galway Film Centre’s ID Projects Documentary Screening in Town Hall Theatre.

It was a cool feeling to see the result of the last few month’s work of putting this documentary together! The doc will be online in about a month or so and we will share it then. Have a look at a few pics from today below in the meantime.

Congratulations also to St. Patrick’s Band, Ahascragh Development Organization and Madra, all brilliant projects!

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The Big Announcement for Little Cinema

If you were listening to The Tubridy Show this morning at 9am you might have heard.

We have had the great fortune of having the awesome Chris O’Dowd come on board as a patron of the Little Cinema!

He generously offered funds towards getting some cool film-making equipment when we didn’t get the Arthur Guinness Grant. Chris is every bit as down to earth as you might imagine and is great for supporting the arts. With his help we can definitely spread the word about short film making in the West and beyond and help people out with making even higher quality films.

Once the podcast of the show is up we will put the link up to today’s interview.

Also, don’t forget the screening of our ID Projects Documentary at the Town Hall Theatre this Sunday at 3pm.


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Little Cinema ID Project Documentary 17th November

Hello Little Cinema attendees, film-submitters and friends. Please save the date, Sunday 17th November to attend a screening at Town Hall of our Little Cinema ID Project Documentary.

We have been chosen by the Galway Film Centre to tell our story of the last three years of the Little Cinema in their annual project that depicts an identity of a group in a 15 minute documentary. A lot of work went into it and it’s going to be so amazing to see it on the big screen. We interviewed some of our Little Cinema regulars to share their experiences and we got some wonderful footage out of it. It will feel brilliant to be in the same room with all of them to celebrate!

The screening is open to everyone and the admission is free. There will be wine and nibbles too! The launch reception is at 2pm and the screening is at 3pm. We really hope to see you there!


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