Little Cinema Live Stream August 2020

Little Cinema Live Stream August 2020

Little Cinema Youtube Live Stream August

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the Little Cinema Live Stream on Wednesday 12th August! We had lots of fun streaming the films and chatting with the filmmakers on Zoom!

Check out the film links below.

Thank you to Eyre Hub – Galways Online Markey Place for sponsoring the Live Stream!

And thank you to Unbound Media for facilitating the stream, particularly Adrian Conway, Ray Grady, Dave ‘Malley, Fintan Geraghty and Matthew Blayney.

And thank you to Galway Film Centre for their help in the lead up to the Live Stream also!

1 Kenny Gaughan – International Toiletroll Federation

Kenny took part in the Toiletroll Challenge during lockdown and found himself embroiled in an international conspiracy involving the malicious International Toiletroll Federation.

2 Patrick Joy – Johnny and The King

A valiant hero sets out on a journey to save his home from a terrible and mysterious threat.

3 Kashi Cepeda – filosophie

A conversation about buying a smartwatch leads to questioning the point of everything.

4 Nigel O’Brien –

Live at Athenry Antiques. Rodney Owl- Mollys Weak

The first of a new series of artistic performances from Athenry Antiques, featuring Rodney Owl performing Mollys Weak

Screen Shot Nigel

5 Kevin O’Brien – Not So Original

Kevins housemate can’t seem to come up with an original song

6 Sarah Barbosa – #ZoomyZoomyZoom

Mother and Daughter haven’t seen each other since lockdown and quarantine started.
They decided to give video chat a try, but it turns out the daughter doesn’t know how to
video chat.

Screen Shot Sarah

7 Academy Music K Muni x ND – Longford Town

A fantastic music video from two of Ireland’s up and coming rappers

8 John Valters Paintner – Waiting For Dogot

Several dogs take part in an online canine conference call to complain about their humans’ quirky behaviour during the lockdown.

9 Manolo Marceno & Lakshika Serasinhe – Grá Tricolore

We interviewed Italian Irish couples about the cultural gap and how they live it in everyday life

10 Jonathan deBurca Butler – One Day in April

This is a short documentary made in the early days of COVID-19 in Ireland. It began as
something for me and the older boy to do together and sort of turned into a movie about
a day in April when there seemed to be very little hope around. The weather was
beautiful which made it all the more poignant in a strange way.


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Thanks and see you soon!


Little Cinema January 2020

THANK YOU to the amazing crowd and brilliant filmmakers who made Wednesday’s screening so much fun!

Little Cinema January 2020 (1 of 2)

It really was a great night with lots of fantastic films and shorts on show!
Not all of the films are available online, but the ones that are detailed below, check them out if you couldn’t make the screening!

1 Kenny Gaughan – How To Open Doors

First off we had a tutorial made by Kenny from the Little Cinema. It’s a tutorial that people have been crying out to be made and Kenny stepped up and did it. It’s about How to Open Doors.

Little Cinema January 2020 (1 of 10)


2 Andrew Galea & Niall O’Tuathail – The Raw Deal

Next up we had the video made by Andrew Galea for the Social Democrats candidate Niall O’Tuathail, which was introduced by his election managet Owen Hanley.

Little Cinema January 2020 (4 of 10)

3 Derek Whyte – The Galway Safe App

Next up we had the video made by Derek Whyte to highlight the Galway Safe App which is a great initiative to help save lives around the waters of Galway City.

Little Cinema January 2020 (10 of 10)

4 Lakshika Serasinhe – Sight

The last short before the break was the beautiful Sight, made by Lakshika Serasinhe.

Little Cinema January 2020 (5 of 10)

5 Ade Allkin – This is Culture

First after the break we had the lovely documentary This Is Culture, made by Ade Allkin, which tells the story of one of Galway’s most beloved attractions, the Galway Market!

Little Cinema January 2020 (6 of 10)

6 John Noone, Gordon Hudson, Martin Nee – Larry Bad Day

Our next film was Larry bad Day, made by Martin Nee, Gordon Hudson and John Noone, introduced by Martin Nee.
A day in the life of Larry,  a man who is confronted with the problems he refuses to deal with until he decides he’s had enough

Little Cinema January 2020 (7 of 10)


7 John Murphy – My Life as a vegan. And a man.

Our second last film was the autobiographical documentary made by John Murphy about this life as a vegan and the struggles that can go with that in terms of masculinity and the changing world. A really honest and thought-provoking doc, a great watch.

Little Cinema January 2020 (8 of 10)

8 Ray Grady – The Hit

We finished the night with The Hit, made by Ray Grady, Adrian Conway and Fintan Geraghty, where a hitman loses the bottle ahead of a job. And it’s the first of 12 he’ll be making this year, which Ray attested to on Wednesday!

Little Cinema January 2020 (9 of 10)

Thanks again to the amazing crowd and brilliant filmmakers. Thank you to Julia Monard who took the pictures and to Matthew Blayney who did AV on the night. And a special thank you to Manolo Marceno who saved the way with his audio knowledge of VLC!!

If you’d like to submit a film to a future screening get in touch with us at

Thank you 🙂


Little Cinema Christmas 2019

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Little Cinema last week for the Christmas screening at the Roisin Dubh! We had a fantastic show filled with amazing Christmas shorts!

We showed a mixture of xmas films from  over the years as well as some fresh shorts made for the night!

1 John Burke – Band Aid ’15

We kicked off with a submission from John Burke from 2015, where he did a remake of Band Aid1984 where he played most of the characters in it!

2 Ray Grady – Father Christmas

Next up we had the very funny short by Ray Grady called Father Christmas where a lazy man learns a valuable lesson whilst on a mission to make extra Christmas cash!

Little Cinema Xmas (6 of 19)

3 Christian Craughwell – Tidings

Our third film was the spooky Christmas film called Tidings made by Little Cinema regular Christian Craughwell.

Little Cinema Xmas (10 of 19)

4 Kenny Gaughan – Pragmatic Scrooge

Next up we had Pragmatic Scrooge by Kenny Gaughan, which imagines the scenario where Scrooge was a very quick decision maker!

Little Cinema Xmas (4 of 19)

5 – The Secret Santas of Ireland

We finished the first half with the lovely documentary  The Secret Santas of Ireland made by, which tells the story of how some people got into the role of playing Santa Claus!

6 Paul D’Eath-  Santa Begins

We kicked off the second half with the brilliant Santa Begins, which tells a Christopher Nolan style Santa origins short!

Little Cinema Xmas (1 of 19)

6 Peter McGann – Christmas Party

Next up was the hilarious instastory of a disastrous Christmas Party for a worker who professes his love for a co worker during the Christmas Party!

7 Galway Actors Workshop – Secret Santa

Our second last short was a comedy sketch made by members of the Galway Actors Workshop who took part in an Acting for Film workshop.

Little Cinema Xmas (5 of 19)Little Cinema Xmas (7 of 19)


9 – Conor Quinlan – Taking The Plunge

Little Cinema Xmas (11 of 19)Little Cinema Xmas (13 of 19)

We finished the night with the video made by Ronnie Quinlan to cover the fundraising events by Conor Quinlan, Woody Murphy, Joycey & Shaughs from Dead Horse Jive and Kenny from Little Cinema, where they shaved their legs, taught Joycey to swim and swam at Blackrock on the coldest day of the year! Altogether they raised over €1300 for the charity Cope!

Thanks to everyone who came along on the night and contributed by making films for the night and to all of those who took part in the raffle for Little Cinema hoodies which raised funds towards the Taking the Plunge fund.

Little Cinema November 2019 Recap

We had a great screening last Wednesday at the Roisin Dubh for the November edition of the Little Cinema! There was so much quality on shot it was unreal! Thank you to all of the fantastic filmmakers who made the line up so good and of course to the audience who came along to make the night so special!

We’ll share the available links to the films shown on the night here, so settle in for some viewing!


1. Conor Quinlan & Ronnie Quinlan –  Taking The Plunge

First up we had a promo video for the charity fundraiser Taking the Plunge, where Conor Quinlan, Woody Murphy, Kenny Gaughan, Shaughs & Joycey from Dead Horse Jive were getting their legs waxed and will be going for a swim in Blackrock as a fundraiser for the charity Cope. If you’d like to donate to Cope, you can do so here.

november 2019 (14 of 25)

2 Kate Glavey – Don’t be scared of that fella

Next up we had a music video by Kate Glavey which is about being in a family.

november 2019 (16 of 25)

3 Gregory Kozma – In Homesickness and Wealth

Next up we had a documentary made by Gregory Kozma, made about 3 foreigners living in Ireland, with 3 different stories to tell!

november 2019 (17 of 25)

4 Hedgehog Shorts – King of Jokes

Next up we had the hilarious sketch by Hedgehog Shorts introduced by John McLean called King of Jokes, where a prank goes very wrong!

november 2019 (19 of 25)

5 Lauren Bright, Sarah Gibbons, Keshia Roelofs – Tattoo or Taboo: Hidden Stories

Last up before the break we had the great documentary Tattoo or Taboo: Hidden Stories, which is a documentary exploring tattoos and the people that have them. It was introduced by Lauren Bright and Sarah Gibbons.

november 2019 (3 of 25)

6 Shane Mullarkey & William Fischer – Steak Out

Next up we had the short film Steak Out introduced by Shane Mullarkey, where 3 mobsters are having a BBQ in the middle of Winter. Why you may ask? It was an order from the head honcho….. or was it?

november 2019 (6 of 25)

7 John Carpenter & John Murphy – Interrogation

Next film on the night was Interrogation by John Carpenter and John Murphy.  A woman is held up in the interrogation room of a small town police department for no apparent reason. However, it seems the detective has an ulterior motive for keeping her there.

november 2019 (8 of 25)

8 Sam Cahoon – The Buskers of Galway

Next up we had a fabulous documentary about the current busking scene in Galway and a look into the effect which the new by-laws may have on their livelihoods. The documentary isn’t online but you can follow video snippets on their facebook page here.

november 2019 (10 of 25)

9 Gary White & Sarah Richardson – Banana Club

The penultimate film of the night was the brilliant Banana Club, written and performed by Sarah Richardson and filmed by Gary White.  A spoken word video that focuses on female empowerment and celebrating female physical expression. It challenges ideas such as slut shaming, victim blaming and explores club culture as an example of a place where female objectification is highly common.

november 2019 (11 of 25)

10 Lakshika Serasinhe & Manolo Marceno Jacob Koopman – Weight of the wave

We finished the night off with an amazing music video made by Lakshika Serasinhe & Manolo Marceno for Jacob Koopman’s song Weight of The Wave.

november 2019 (22 of 25)

Thanks again to all of the filmmakers for all their work in making the night so great!

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Little Cinema Halloween

HUGE thank yous to everyone who came along to our Little Cinema Halloween screening on Wednesday at the Roisin Dubh! We had an absolutely packed venue, fantastic films and an amazing audience! We’ll post the available links to the films from the night!

Little Cinema Halloween

1. Fintan Geraghty and Melinda Szutz – The Dreaming of the Bones

The first to be shown was a short Promo for Dance Players Company’s adaptation of W.B Yeats’ play “The
Dreaming of the Bones”, at O’Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance. Tickets are available at this link.

The Dreaming of the Bones

2 Kieran O’Brien – Sharp Words

The second film was Sharp Words, by Kieran O’Brien, a film where a young man’s overbearing mother returns from the dead to haunt his diary!

2 Kieran O'Brien 2

3 Conor Kelly – Interview

Our third film was a short about where an interview goes wrong!

3 Conor Kelly 1

4 Erin Boland – All The Good Girls Go To Hell

Our next short was a film made by the NUIG Film Soc, introduced by Erin Boland. Called All The Good Girls Go To Hell, it’s a Halloween comedy about sharing your first college house!

4 Erin Boland 2

5 Shane Boyle – Dark Corners

Our last film before the break was Dark Corners by Shane Boyle, where a woman wakes from a nightmare, but the nightmare has only begun.

5 Shane Boyle 2

6 Murrough Mac Fheorais & Robert Fitzgerald-Bellone – No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home was the second film from the NUIG Film Soc, and told the story of a person who is experiencing strange reactions from people on Halloween night! It was introduced by Murrough Mac Fheorais & Robert Fitzgerald-Bellone!

6 Murrough Mac Fheorais & Robert Fitzgerald-Bellone 1

7 Gregory Kozma –  The Janitor

In our 7th film, submitted by Gregory Kozma, a Janitor gets spooked by something or someone!

7 Gregory Kozma

8 Hedgehog Shorts –  I need a Hero

The gang from Hedgehog Shorts made another fantastic sketch, this one where two characters in a short film fight over who should die and why! It was intrduced by Ruth McNally and John McClean!

8 Hedgehog 1 8 Hedgehog 2

9 Tom PcPartland – Afraid of the Dark

The penultimate film of the night was a fantastic stop motion music video by Galway musician Thomas McPartland for his song “Afraid of the Dark”!

9 Partland

10 Edinventure – Apparent Power

We finished the night with the fantastic film Apparent Power by the troupe Edinventure, which won the Offline 57 Hour Filmmaking Challenge! As part of the prize, it will be shown at the Galway Film Fleadh next year!

10 Jamie Paul 2

We had a fancy dress competition and gave away some hoodies to the people with the best costumes for the night! Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who dressed up!

Niall Small (25 of 29) Niall Small (28 of 29)

Thank you to everyone who came along to the night and supporting grass roots filmmaking and keeping the arts alive in Galway!

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