Jameson Cult Film Club Screening

Last night we were really delighted to attend the Jameson Cult Film Club Screening of Friday 13th 2 in Black Box Theatre in Galway.

The film was so much fun and had a good few nice jumpy scares in it, the live re-enactments of the film scenes were brilliant as was the set design! We knew right from the start that we were all doomed!

It definitely makes such a difference, watching a film with a live audience! We were given lots of tasty complimentary drinks and fed lovely burgers to top it all off. Can’t wait for another event!

jameson cult film club little cinema-1 jameson cult film club little cinema-2 (more…)

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Guth Gafa 2014 International Film Forum

Yesterday we had the pleasure to attend the New Realities Guth Gafa International Film Forum in association with Honeycomb Creative Works.

It took place in the gorgeous Virginia Park Lodge in Cavan.

We talked funding, distribution, social impact and audience engagement with some of the industry greats!

We are so happy we made the trip, we’ve definitely learned heaps!

The Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival is taking place this weekend, there is so much happening over in Headfort House in Kells. Check out the programme here, definitely worth a day trip!

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Little Cinema Halloween 2014 – Film Links

Little Cinema Halloween 2014 and the links to some of the 11 fantastic themed short films that were screened on the night. A lot of these films were made specifically for the event!Little-Cinema-Halloween-2014-2-lineup1. First up last night we had the atmospheric Nyctophobia, submitted by Colin Buckley, which played on people’s sometimes irrational fear of the dark.

2. Our second film was “Shallow Depths”, made by Christian Craughwell, which tells the spooky story of a writers investigations into the unexplained deaths of people at sea decades previously.

3. Our third film was the very funny “Quest For Sugar”, submitted by Kieran Griffin which was a sideways take on what potentially happens when you swat a fly!

4. Our fourth film was Hugh Sweeneys recording of his recent exploring or a haunted house in Galway City! Very spooky indeed!

9. Stephen Ward’s “Despair and Hopelessness”, a very short clip with a proper Blair Witch feel to it, executed perfectly by Stephen.

10. Our penultimate short of the night was Meeting Mr Jackson, submitted by Megan Newport on behalf of GMIT Film Making Society .It was filmed within an afternoon and the guys did a fantastic job on it!

11. We finished the night with the fantastic “Poke” by Chris Tierney from, his first venture into film making with a narrative rather than documentary pieces, and it came out fantastic, getting a great response from the crowd. Excellent work by everyone involved in it!

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Little Cinema Halloween in Photos

Little Cinema Halloween Special 2014 in photos! It was such a busy night, with 11 fantastic short films screened!

halloween films little cinema-1halloween films little cinema-2halloween films little cinema-32halloween films little cinema-3halloween films little cinema-4halloween films little cinema-5halloween films little cinema-6halloween films little cinema-7halloween films little cinema-9halloween films little cinema-10halloween films little cinema-11halloween films little cinema-12halloween films little cinema-18halloween films little cinema-19halloween films little cinema-20halloween films little cinema-21halloween films little cinema-22halloween films little cinema-23halloween films little cinema-24halloween films little cinema-25halloween films little cinema-26halloween films little cinema-27halloween films little cinema-28halloween films little cinema-29halloween films little cinema-30halloween films little cinema-31

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Halloween Films at Little Cinema


little-cinema-halloween-films-webVery excited about our upcoming Little Cinema Halloween Special 2014! We will have a night of all Halloween films made for the night!

It will be a fancy dress night, although it’s not obligatory! Purely for the fun and for the laugh!

To get your ticket in advance, you can get them here for €4 (including booking fee). Tickets will be available on the door, but we strongly advice people to buy a ticket ahead of the night so that they’ll definitely get in, especially if they getting dressed up :)

We’re delighted to also say that there is a Silent Disco on later that night which there will be free entry into to for those who were at the Little Cinema!

Wednesday 29th at 9pm at the Roisin Dubh. See you all there, should be a great night!

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