Little Cinema September 2019 Recap!

We had a fantastic night at the Little Cinema on Wed 25th Sept, with a really great audience and a brilliant mix of films, sketches, music videos and documentaries!

Little Cinema September

Little Cinema September

We have links to some of the films that were screened and you can check them out here. Not all are online, but the ones that are are below, happy viewing ūüôā

1 Carmen Garcia Gonzalez –

I’m a student living in a hostel: The housing crisis in Galway

A day in the life of an Irish young woman who has to sort out university studies while living in a hostel because, for more than a year, she couldn’t find a house to live. Very thought provoking documentary brilliantly executed by Carmen! She is leaving Galway soon and has been a big addition to the Little Cinema while she has been here, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more from her in the future ūüôā

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (17 of 21)

2 Aengus van Hout


-b- is a short film shot on super 8mm made by first time submitter Aengus van Hout.

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (18 of 21)

3. Harry Bo


Harry Bo made a great documentary about Gliondar, a Community Arts Group in Athenry, Co. Galway. They do spectacle and street theatre and this doc was a highlights video of one of their events, really well captured by Harry Bo!

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (19 of 21)


4 Echo Harte

Sun Don’t Rise

Our fourth submission was the really great music video Sun Don’t Rise, by Galway musician Echo Harte.¬† It was made for ‘Suicide Prevention Week 2019’ and is dedicated to all of those we have lost to suicide.

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (21 of 21)


5 Hedgehog Shorts

New Sketches

The Galway Sketch group Hedgehog Shorts finished off the first half with some hilarious and newly made sketches!

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (3 of 21)

6 Dawid Piotr Szlaga

MicroPLASTICS a MACROdisaster

Plastic pollution is a threat to marine life in the Maldives on the Indian Ocean. Big filter feeders like whale sharks are exposed to the tiny particles. A group of scientists investigate the pathways of plastic ingestion by this largest fish. The project was documented by Dawid Piotr Szlaga.

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (8 of 21)

7 Peggy Anne Knight

Light Of My Life

Just when he thought there was only darkness left in his life, Ray encounters a persistent electrical anomaly at his old lighting shop. Made by Peggy Anne Knight

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (9 of 21)

8 Xavier Cardriche

TOO LATE (Barter The Bard)

A music video all the way from New York, made by Xavier Cardriche who found the Little Cinema last year during a visit to Galway.
Escaping his decisions of the last 24 hours, a young man retreats to a local watering
hole for shelter which may be nothing but temporary bliss.

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (10 of 21)

9 Eoin Harnett

Our Land

Seven young people reflect on what it is that makes Ireland a remarkable place to live.

Little Cinema Sept 2019 (14 of 21)


Thank you to all of our filmmakers and audience members who made the night really special!

If you’re interested in submitting something to a future screening, get in touch with us at

Coming up in October we will have a Halloween special, followed by a regular Little Cinema in November and then a Christmas special in December! Get making films! ūüėČ

Little Cinema August 2019 Recap!

Thank you everyone who came along to the August Little Cinema in the Roisin Dubh! It was an awesome night by all accounts, which was hosted by John Burke, Brigid Vinnell and Conor Quinlan!


We have links to some of the films which were shown on the night for you to check out below! Thank you to Brigid for the lovely photos of the filmmakers introducing their films.

Thank you to Paddy Finn  for the two beautiful pictures of the Little Cinema looking glorious below!



And great job to John Burke to have hosted the Little Cinema for the first time!


1. Derek Whyte – Quiet!

The first film of the night was from first time¬†submitter Derek Whyte with his silent short “Quiet!”



2. Christian Craughwell – Chernobyl Prayer

The second film was Chernobyl Prayer, a short based on the final story in ‘Chernobyl Prayer’ by Svetlana Alexievich, made by Christian Craughwell.


3. Hampus Ingerson РHole

The third film was by Swedish filmmaker Hampus Ingerson who came all the way from Sweden to show his film! Called ‘Hole’, it is about a¬†prisoner who is taken out of his cell for the most important phone call of his life. Thank you to Hampus for coming to the Little Cinema and we look forward to seeing him again there!


4. Carmen Garcia Gonzalez РTrá na nMan РLadies Beach

The fourth film of the night was the fabulous documentary Trá na mBan by Carmen Garcia Gonzalez introduced by Roisin Hughes; In the west coast of Ireland, a group of Irish women 40 to 80 years old swim every morning in the Atlantic cold waters come rain or shine.


5. Manolo Marceno & Lakshika Serasinhe – Daughter

The fifth film was the film Daughter, made by Manolo Marceno & Lakshika Serasinhe as part of the My Rode Reel competition. Give their film a watch a vote at the link with the video ūüôā


6.¬†Nigel O’Brien – Visitors or (Life , the Universe and Ice Cream)

Our next film was made by Nigel O’Brien as part of the Shot By The Sea competition.
Visitors: Bring peace and balance to the Galaxy, and ice-cream.


7.¬†Eoin McLoughlin – Falklands ‚Äď Laurie and Brian

The next film was an animation made by Eoin McLoughlin.¬†A former vertern of the falklands war shares a tense experience where a bomb had hit his ship. Though it didn’t go off, there was the possibility it could at any moment.


8. Oisin MacCoille РShauna

Our next film was Shauna, made by Oisin MacCoille.
Shauna has to come to terms with an unplanned event in her life and she has to do it alone.


9.¬†Bip Henderson – Shmuel Coen’s Killer Script PILOT

The second last film of the night was made by Bip Henderson! After his latest flop, a wannabe film producer is on the hunt for a killer script.


10. Ray MacDonncha & Trevor Laffey РWas That A Yes

We finished the night with the fantastic film ‘Was That A Yes’ made by Ray MacDonncha & Trevor Laffey!

Thank you to the fantastic audience who came along and to all the filmmakers for making the night so special.

The September screening is almost full already and so if you’re interested in showing something at the Little Cinema, get in touch with us at

Also keep in mind that Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner and so have the specials in mind for them, if you have any ideas for Halloween or Xmas films, get in touch with us to keep a spot.

Thanks and see you all again soon!

Little Cinema July 2019 Screening

We had a great screening of films on Wednesday last week with a fantastic audience and loads of great films!

For those who weren’t able to make the night, we’ll share the links to the films here for you to check out!

First up we had Robert Shanahan with his film Shcrubs!

Robert Shanahan

Next up we had Gregory Kozma with his film The Interpreter, where an old lady helps the police with an investigation.

Gregory Kozma


Next up we had Nigel O’Brien introducing the documentary How We Broke Their Noses, a behind the scenes doc about the making of the short film Sons & Broken Noses!¬†¬†The documentary isn’t available online at the moment but will be soon.



Last film before the break was a lovely animation introduced by Eoin McLoughlin, called Wawel Dragon The Real Story, where a  Joker is put in charge of the kingdom only to have a dragon take over the kingdom and steal all the food.  How will the joker fix this problem?
The animation isn’t available online at the moment.

Eoin McLoughlin


The first film after the break was from Christian Craughwell. Called “Ratlines”, it was a short film about the escape and resettlement of Nazi war criminals after World War.


The next film was called Stop by Conor O’Dwyer, where during a forced bus stop conversation, a detached millennial and an alcoholic senior realise they’re not so different at all. The film isn’t currently available online.


The second last film of the night was Chica Mala, by Carmen Garxia, a film about a girl struggling to find some quality time with just herself.  The film is not currently available online.



We finished the night with “Nothing Serious” by¬†Emily O’Brien & Emma Sammon, which delved into the various descriptions people on online dating sites use to describe themselves! The film isn’t available online at the moment but will be soon.



Thank you to all of the filmmakers for their hard work in making the films, and to our amazing audience who really helped make the night so special! Thanks also to Conor Quinlan and Brigid Vinnell for helping out hosting the night and taking the pictures above for us!

If you’d like to submit a film to the Little Cinema, get in touch with us at

Thanks and talk to you soon!

Galway Theatre Festival One Take Challenge!

We are very very excited to be taking part once again in the Galway Theatre Festival!¬† The festival is a really inclusive and welcoming one and they’ve been a pleasure to collaborate with since we started the One Take Challenge in 2015. Check out our event page for the screening here! And you can grab your tickets here!


The idea for the One Take Challenge came when the Galway Theatre Festival was relaunched to take place in May of 2015, and they approached us to see if we had any suggestions for how to involve the Little Cinema in the Festival. We loved the idea of being involved but wanted to do something meaningful which would allow us to embrace the concept of theatre in the films that would get made. And so, the thing we saw that differentiated Theatre from Film is that (apart from the obvious), with theatre you only get one shot, and once you took to the stage, there was no going back!

It was from there that we decided to introduce that element of danger into filmmaking where once you started, you had to keep going, and just roll with the punches. The first One Take Challenge was in 2015 and we’ve had some cracking films over the years. To give some inspiration for filmmakers this year, we’ve shared some of the previously made films in one take. All of these would have been made in one take, and in the first take! Which is an amazing achievement.


This year we are removing the rule of having the film made in the first take, and just keeping the element of the one take, so you can now have a few run thrus to get it perfect. We also want films to be made without special effects in post production, so basically any effects you want to use should be done at the time of filming, like in Theatre¬† where what you see is what is createable on stage. The film should be 5 minutes long +/- 30 seconds and lastly, we’d like you to present the film on stage at the screening!

So here you go, happy viewing!

Films – 2015

Dave Thorpe: Before Life

Frank O’Malley & Ben Rogan РRobbed Blind

Kenny Gaughan – Hostage

Films – 2016

Matthew Blayney & Matt Kavanagh – Lullaby

John Valtners Paintner – Stirring The Pot

Films – 2017

David Patrick Emery – One-Take Thing

Matthew Blayney & Matt Kavanagh – Dispatched

Films – 2018

Kenny Gaughan РYou can’t be Sheerios

Join – A Rose, And Go Now

Manolo Marcenó & Lakshika Serasinhe РMind your Back


If you’re interested in making a film in one take for the challenge, or would like more information, get in touch with us via email at

Little Cinema March 2019 Recap

Well, we had an¬† amazing night on Wednesday 27th March for our latest Little Cinema screening!¬† There was a great mix of comedy, drama and music and was one of the most enjoyable nights we’ve had!

Audience March 2019

Below are the links to the available films, so now is your chance to check them out if you missed the evening!

1 Kenny Gaughan РYou Can’t Be Sheerios

First up was a comedy sketch by Little Cinema’s Kenny. It was made for last years Galway Theatre Festival, which

involved filmmakers making a film in one take, to replicate the restriction of theatre. The sketch is about the time when Salthill was in lock down ahead of the Ed Sheeran gig in Pearse Stadium!

There is another One Take Challenge taking place this year with the Galway Theatre Festival on 8th May 2019, so if you’re interested in making something for it, get in touch with us ūüôā

Kenny Gaughan

2 Brendan Tiernan – Stations

Brendan is a writer and musician based in South Sligo and ‘Stations’ is a beautiful song which¬† comes from his almost
finished album: “Ox Mountain Blues” – influenced by the landscape where he lives.

Brendan Tiernan

3.  John McLean РA Dance with Dutch

A Dance with Dutch is a satirical message about over indulging in alcohol!

John McClean


4.  Brian Waldron & Cleo McKeon Burke РLate July

‘Late July’ is the music video for Galway artist Crazed

Brian Waldron

5.  Conor Quinlan & Ronnie Quinlan РConnection Interrupted

Connection Interrupted is the winning film from the 2018 Little Cinema & Galway City of Film 48 Hour Challenge! It was shot and filmed over one weekend before screening at a packed Town Hall Theatre! There will be another 48 Hour Challenge this year, if you’re interested in taking part and possibly wining ‚ā¨500, get in touch with us!

Conor Quinlan


6.  Echo Harte РScars Of Rag Week

Scars of Rag week is the music video by Galway artist Echo Harte

Echo Harte

7.  Manolo Marcenó & Lakshika Serasinhe РMind Your Back

Mind Your Back was another film made in One Take for the 2018 One Take Challenge as part of the Galway Theatre Festival, made by Manolo Marcenó and Lakshika Serasinhe

Manolo Marceno


8. Andrew Thomas – Cult√ļr

Next was a trailer for ‚Äėcult√ļr‚Äô – a short experiential documentary that captures youth culture in Galway City
through the conversations of the young people that inhabit it.

The full length documentary can be seen at the Dig Where You Stand screening at an Taibhdhearc this Saturday 6th April, and tickets which are FREE can be booked here!

Andrew Thomas

9. Sarah Ingersoll – Somebody Somewhere Who Looks After Critters

Somebody Who Looks After Critics was introduced by Alan Cantrell, and is a beautiful documentary about a man who takes care of critters as he calls them on his own little patch of land in Ireland.

It’s not currently available online at the moment.


Alan Cantrell

10. Luke Morgan & Christine Valters Paintner –¬† Connemara Illuminated

We finished the night with Connemara Illuminated, a video made by Luke Morgan to accompany the poem written by Christine Valters Paintner.

Luke Morgan


Thank you to all the filmmakers and the fantastic audience who came along to the night. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have audiences there to provide the inspiration for the filmmakers or Galway and beyond to keep making their art and to continue to push themselves outside of their comfort zone!

Our next screening is the One Take Challenge on 8th May in the Roisin Dubh and then we’ll have a regular Little Cinema on Wed 29th May, followed by the Little Cinema & Galway City of Film 48 Hour Challenge on 9th June 2019 at the Town Hall Theatre!

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email us at

Thank you