Galway Theatre Festival One Take Challenge!

We are very very excited to be taking part once again in the Galway Theatre Festival!  The festival is a really inclusive and welcoming one and they’ve been a pleasure to collaborate with since we started the One Take Challenge in 2015. Check out our event page for the screening here! And you can grab your tickets here!


The idea for the One Take Challenge came when the Galway Theatre Festival was relaunched to take place in May of 2015, and they approached us to see if we had any suggestions for how to involve the Little Cinema in the Festival. We loved the idea of being involved but wanted to do something meaningful which would allow us to embrace the concept of theatre in the films that would get made. And so, the thing we saw that differentiated Theatre from Film is that (apart from the obvious), with theatre you only get one shot, and once you took to the stage, there was no going back!

It was from there that we decided to introduce that element of danger into filmmaking where once you started, you had to keep going, and just roll with the punches. The first One Take Challenge was in 2015 and we’ve had some cracking films over the years. To give some inspiration for filmmakers this year, we’ve shared some of the previously made films in one take. All of these would have been made in one take, and in the first take! Which is an amazing achievement.


This year we are removing the rule of having the film made in the first take, and just keeping the element of the one take, so you can now have a few run thrus to get it perfect. We also want films to be made without special effects in post production, so basically any effects you want to use should be done at the time of filming, like in Theatre  where what you see is what is createable on stage. The film should be 5 minutes long +/- 30 seconds and lastly, we’d like you to present the film on stage at the screening!

So here you go, happy viewing!

Films – 2015

Dave Thorpe: Before Life

Frank O’Malley & Ben Rogan – Robbed Blind

Kenny Gaughan – Hostage

Films – 2016

Matthew Blayney & Matt Kavanagh – Lullaby

John Valtners Paintner – Stirring The Pot

Films – 2017

David Patrick Emery – One-Take Thing

Matthew Blayney & Matt Kavanagh – Dispatched

Films – 2018

Kenny Gaughan – You can’t be Sheerios

Join – A Rose, And Go Now

Manolo Marcenó & Lakshika Serasinhe – Mind your Back


If you’re interested in making a film in one take for the challenge, or would like more information, get in touch with us via email at

Little Cinema March 2019 Recap

Well, we had an  amazing night on Wednesday 27th March for our latest Little Cinema screening!  There was a great mix of comedy, drama and music and was one of the most enjoyable nights we’ve had!

Audience March 2019

Below are the links to the available films, so now is your chance to check them out if you missed the evening!

1 Kenny Gaughan – You Can’t Be Sheerios

First up was a comedy sketch by Little Cinema’s Kenny. It was made for last years Galway Theatre Festival, which

involved filmmakers making a film in one take, to replicate the restriction of theatre. The sketch is about the time when Salthill was in lock down ahead of the Ed Sheeran gig in Pearse Stadium!

There is another One Take Challenge taking place this year with the Galway Theatre Festival on 8th May 2019, so if you’re interested in making something for it, get in touch with us 🙂

Kenny Gaughan

2 Brendan Tiernan – Stations

Brendan is a writer and musician based in South Sligo and ‘Stations’ is a beautiful song which  comes from his almost
finished album: “Ox Mountain Blues” – influenced by the landscape where he lives.

Brendan Tiernan

3.  John McLean – A Dance with Dutch

A Dance with Dutch is a satirical message about over indulging in alcohol!

John McClean


4.  Brian Waldron & Cleo McKeon Burke – Late July

‘Late July’ is the music video for Galway artist Crazed

Brian Waldron

5.  Conor Quinlan & Ronnie Quinlan – Connection Interrupted

Connection Interrupted is the winning film from the 2018 Little Cinema & Galway City of Film 48 Hour Challenge! It was shot and filmed over one weekend before screening at a packed Town Hall Theatre! There will be another 48 Hour Challenge this year, if you’re interested in taking part and possibly wining €500, get in touch with us!

Conor Quinlan


6.  Echo Harte – Scars Of Rag Week

Scars of Rag week is the music video by Galway artist Echo Harte

Echo Harte

7.  Manolo Marcenó & Lakshika Serasinhe – Mind Your Back

Mind Your Back was another film made in One Take for the 2018 One Take Challenge as part of the Galway Theatre Festival, made by Manolo Marcenó and Lakshika Serasinhe

Manolo Marceno


8. Andrew Thomas – Cultúr

Next was a trailer for ‘cultúr’ – a short experiential documentary that captures youth culture in Galway City
through the conversations of the young people that inhabit it.

The full length documentary can be seen at the Dig Where You Stand screening at an Taibhdhearc this Saturday 6th April, and tickets which are FREE can be booked here!

Andrew Thomas

9. Sarah Ingersoll – Somebody Somewhere Who Looks After Critters

Somebody Who Looks After Critics was introduced by Alan Cantrell, and is a beautiful documentary about a man who takes care of critters as he calls them on his own little patch of land in Ireland.

It’s not currently available online at the moment.


Alan Cantrell

10. Luke Morgan & Christine Valters Paintner –  Connemara Illuminated

We finished the night with Connemara Illuminated, a video made by Luke Morgan to accompany the poem written by Christine Valters Paintner.

Luke Morgan


Thank you to all the filmmakers and the fantastic audience who came along to the night. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have audiences there to provide the inspiration for the filmmakers or Galway and beyond to keep making their art and to continue to push themselves outside of their comfort zone!

Our next screening is the One Take Challenge on 8th May in the Roisin Dubh and then we’ll have a regular Little Cinema on Wed 29th May, followed by the Little Cinema & Galway City of Film 48 Hour Challenge on 9th June 2019 at the Town Hall Theatre!

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email us at

Thank you




February 2019 Recap


Hello friends! Many special thanks this time to everyone who stuck with us through our cancelled screening in February – the power outing was very unfortunate and unavoidable, so thank you for returning to us last week to check out this great line up of short films. Here’s the line up once again – we think you’ll agree, it was another great month for short films, from both returning submitters to some brand new faces!

    1. Demo Reel, submitted by Felipe Rosa

      An incredible showreel chronicling the work of Felipe Rosa.

      Vampire Blues, submitted by Eric O Martin

      Modern life is hard when you’re a vampire. Directed by GTI student Eric O Martin.


      Nurses Vox Pop, submitted by Kenny Gaughan

      Vox Pop made by Kenny & Tony Walsh outside UCHG, getting the opinions of the striking nurses representing Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation – INMO.

      Waves, submitted by Emma Zukovič

      This short film was created as a response to the prominent stigma in Irish society surrounding mental health issues, particularly in relation to the experience of young men. The work aims to capture feelings and themes of mental illness and shine a light on this growing concern for people to share their inner turmoil. The piece however also offers a sense of hope that there is light following the darkness in the young protagonist’s life.

      Howdy Partner, submitted by John Murphy

      A little piece about positive mental health and being friends with yourself.


    2. Fear, by Beau Williams, submitted by Conor Quinlan

      A reading of a poem titled Fear, by Gaway based poet Beau Williams.


    3. Cinema Do Meu Bairro, submitted by Renata G. Lima

      From a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, the film revives the golden era of street cinema in Brazil. Intimate memories help tell the story of the three Santa Cruz cinemas.vlcsnap-2019-03-11-12h52m00s443



      Halcyon , submitted by Colin Buckley

      A film about an entire relationship in two locations.


    4.  Expert, Submitted by Patrick Szoltajsek

      A day in the life of a carpenter. Expert captures Damian from Damian Carpentry in action.

    1. Joinuary,  Submitted by Join

      More beautiful madness from Join, with another set of out-there comedy sketches.

  1. Thanks to all those who screened their films, and to everyone who showed up and created a fabulous, friendly audience. We’ll be back again at the end of March, so keep an eye on our social media accounts where we’ll keep you up to date.

Kenny, Julia & Liam

January 2019 Recap

LC Crowd Jan 19

Hello friends! This year at Little Cinema has begun on a huge high point, with January’s screening chock-full of amazing short films. The bar has truly been set high for the year to come! As always, huge thanks to all who screened their films, and to everyone who came along to support them. We had an amazing night! If you missed it, or would like a second chance to see any of the films screened, now’s your chance. Scroll down for another look at those films currently streaming online, and please share any you loved on your social media, and lets boost the profile of these incredible films!

    1. Yesterday, submitted by Liza Bolton

      Created as a mood piece for a project that  currently being worked on around the theme of love and life lost. The narration is read by Tom O’Bedlam, music courtesy of

    2. 2019 Showreel, submitted by Christopher Tierne

      More incredible work from Chris of Earthbound Films.
    3. Packing, submitted by MacKenzie Fowler & Robert FitzGerald-Bellone

      A young mother is interrupted by her partner as she is packing. Keep an eye on NUIG Filmsoc’s YouTube channel, where this will be uploaded soon.

    4. Edimus, submitted by the Craughwell Brothers

      An atmospheric horror, this co-production was shot in the US by Little Cinema regular Christian Craughwell with his brother.
    5. Birdman, submitted by Simon O’Neill

    6. Nature is all around us. Sometimes, you just have to reach out and touch it. Documentary Short. #ShotoniPhone (iPhone SE)
    7. My Light In The Dark, submitted by Teresa Lavina

    8. An incredible and hard hitting documentary following a homeless man who revisits his hometown.


  1. Santa in January, submitted by Declan Mungovan

    Ever wondered what Santa gets up to in January? Find out in this hilarious comedy sketch!

    Limitless Love , submitted by Dawid Piotr Szlaga

  2. Sometimes you need to spice up your life.
  3. Boy Racer, Submitted by Barry Fahy

  4. Boy Racer tells the Story of Evan Murphy as he discovers a world of imagination in his grandfathers shed.

  5. Huge thank you again to everyone who submitted a film for the screening, and to each and every member of the audience for making it such a great atmosphere. We’ll be back again in February, so hope to see you all again – keep an eye on our social media for a date!That’s all for now!

Kenny, Julia & Liam

August 2018 Recap

lc aug 18 2

Hello again, welcome back to our monthly Little Cinema recap! Its great to be back after our month off in July, we hope you all had a great summer! We couldn’t have asked for a better return to out monthly screenings, with an incredible line up of top quality short films and an absolutely fantastic audience. Huge thanks to everyone who made it out, you really are the best! If you’d like a little reminder if what we screened, here’s our line up again;

    1. Portershed : 90,000 Coffees later, submitted by Chris Tierney

      A short documentary to celebrate Portershed’s second birthday.

    2. Timothy’s Adventure, submitted by Barra Convery

      Timothy embarks on a not very tumultuous journey to the Aran Islands.


    3. Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore, submitted by Eoghan McGinley

      One mans search for solitude is interrupted by another mans search for solid food

    4. The Waiting is Over?, submitted by Dermott Petty & Joan O’Hanrahan

      Vladimir and Estragon have been waiting for the elusive Godet. Could this be him? Is
      there a God? Will Estragon get his boots on?


    5. Also, we’re taking this chance to share Dermot Petty’s ‘The Good the Bad & the Sean Nós Dancer’, which was previously unavailable for viewing online – enjoy!

    6. BOKOTONO – You’re Looking a Little Rough Around the Edges, submitted by Fintan Geraghty

    7. A Music Video for Bokotono’s Debut single “You’re Looking a Little Rough Around the Edges”. Starring Aaron Sothgate, Edited by Shakeela Singh and Produced by Adrian Conway.
    8. JOIN -The Live Experience submitted by Join

    9. The world’s first fusion of dance music and jokes

  1. BliNK, submitted by Conor Hogan & Ciara Moloney

    We hear the thoughts of two individuals as they engage in a staring contest.

    Wanna go Camping? , submitted by Sam Cahoon

  2. Frank & Rand go camping.
  3. “She’s Got A Master’s Degree” by Dead Horse Jive, Submitted by Conor Quinlan

  4. A music video for Dead Horse Jive’s “She’s Got A Masters Degree”.


  5. A Funny Thing Happened, Submitted by Kenny Gaughan

  6. A selection of  new  sketches from our very own Kenny Gaughan.
  7. Ezekiel, submitted by Mairead Dewar and Patrick Crean

  8. A black comedy in which two criminals bite off more than they can chew
  9. Huge thank you again to everyone who submitted a film for the screening, and to each and every member of the audience for making it such a great atmosphere. We’ll be back again in September, and we’re also very much looking forward to our Halloween screening in October – this screening fills up early every year, so if you’d like to screen your film, get in contact with us soon!

That’s all for now!
Kenny, Julia & Liam