Galway Theatre Festival One Take Films

The Little Cinema is proud to be collaborating once again with the fantastic Galway Theatre Festival and in that spirit will be screening films made within the restrictions of theatre!

The films screened will have been made in just once take, first take, so they will have the danger element of theatre involved in the making of them!

To submit a film or to get more information, contact us on

If you have an idea for a film made in one take, and need help, check out the Little Cinema Collaboration facebook group where you might find people to help out!

The event is taking place on the 26th April in Roisin Dubh. Doors will be at 9pm and entry is €5 on the door. See you soon!



Recap March 2017

LC March 2017 recap pic

Hello all and welcome to another Little Cinema recap, where we will be looking back at another night of terrific short films! Last week held another great line-up, with a very diverse catalog of films on show. As ever, we will be providing link to the films where possible, so if there’s anything you really like, please share it and help the film maker get the recognition they deserve. On with the show, and here are the films from Little Cinema March 2017.

  1. Board Name Location Duration, submitted by Patrick Fox.
    This film is not yet available online.
  2. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked, submitted by Bernie Ni Mhainnin


  3. VW Samba, submitted by Damien Burke


  4. Substance, submitted by Luke Morgan


  5. Lá le Pádraig i dTalamh an Éisc, submitted by Sinead Ni Mheallaigh


  6. What’s Your Favourite Irish Film, submitted by Matt Kavanagh


  7. Just Breathe, submitted by Conal Kearney
    This film is not yet available online.
  8. Our First Mortgage, submitted by Kenny Gaughan


  9. Until April Adventure, submitted by Lakshika Serasinhe & Alan Walsh 

    So ended another wonderful night at Little Cinema. Huge thanks to all who presented their film for screening, and to our wonderful audience for showing up to support. Up next for Little Cinema is a very special night, our annual collaboration with the Galway Theatre Festival, where we ask filmmakers to make a short film which must be filmed in one single take, with no option to start again! Rehearsal is key, and if you’re feeling up to the challenge, give us a shout to hold a space. The screening will be held on April 26th in Roisin Dubh.
    Thanks again,
    Kenny, Julia and Liam.

February 2017 Recap

feb lc

Hello again! Here we are, another month almost behind us and another fantastic screening to look back on fondly! While Storm Doris raged outside, it was nice and toasty at Little Cinema, so thank you all for braving the nasty weather and joining us. A special thank you must go to all those who submitted such wonderful films for the screening, keep doing what you do and we’ll keep putting it on the big screen! Here’s a reminder of what was screened last week.

  1. The Silver Surfer, submitted by Damien Burke


  2. Burj Khalifa – How To Build Higher, submitted by Brian McManus


  3. God’s Work, submitted by Maurice WalshThis film is not yet online.


  4. That Guy In The Sky, submitted by Sarah IngersollThis film is not yet online.


  5. I’m Not Crazy, submitted by Shane O’Ceallaigh
    This film is not yet online.

  6. Bottom of the Bottle, submitted by Martin King and Gavin Holian
    This film is not yet online.

  7.  Introducing Ludivine Nunhold, submitted by Andy Reynolds
    Click here to watch. 
  8. Aftermath, submitted by Nigel O’Brien
    This Film is not yet online, but here is a look behind the scenes!

    Thats all for another month. We’ll be back in March with a all-Irish-language screening for Seachtain Na Gaeilge as well as our regular screening, so if you have anything you’d like to screen for either one, let us know as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading,
Kenny, Julia and Liam

January 2017 Recap


Hello all and welcome to another Little Cinema recap! Hope everyone had a great January! We had another great line up of short films this month, it was lovely to see you all there. The screening was book-ended by two fantastic music videos from local musicians, a perfect example of the wonderful creative people this city and country have to offer. There were lots of other films to enjoy as well, which we have listed below and where possible,provided a link to rewatch and share them with friends.

  1. You Can’t Be Sane, by Fia Rua – Submitted by Eoghan Burke


  2. Dusty’s Trail On Inis Oirr, Submitted by Tony Walsh


  3. A River, by Lou McMahon – Submitted by Lou McMahon


  4. Gone Galway Girl, Submitted by Luke Morgan and Seosamh Duffty


  5. Nancy Go Home, Submitted by Meaghan McKeon Joyce

    This film is not yet available online.

  6. Come Die With Me, Submitted by Kieran O’Brien

    This film is not yet available online.

  7. D-Day Misunderstood,Submitted by Michael Boyle


  8. Broken Home, Submitted by Cian Wilkins


  9. Wide Awake, by Partland – Submitted by Thomas McPartland


That’s it for another month! Thanks to all who submitted films, we wouldn’t have Little Cinema without ye, and to those who come along each month to support. 2017 has begun on a high, and we are very excited for what is in store! Keep an eye on our social media for more updates and news, and we’ll see you all on February 22nd for even more fun!

Liam, Julia and Kenny

Christmas 2017 Recap


This years Christmas screening was just a beautiful night, with many old friends returning and lots of welcome new faces to join the Little Cinema community.  It was impossible not to feel Christmas cheer on the night, and the festive films screened were a huge part of the fun! As ever, huge thanks go to all those who submitted their films, and to those who joined us to watch and be part of the joyous get-together. If you’re feeling the January blues,why not revisit the films screened and recapture a little of the Christmas spirit! Here are the links to those films available.

1. Galway SPCA Not Just For Christmas – Submitted by Michelle Burke and Nigel Gilhooly

2. “Christmas Day” by David Hope – Submitted by Matthew Kelly

3. Taking The House For Homeless –  Submitted by Alan Dunne

4. Excerpts from Christmas on Castletown Road- Submitted by Graham Patterson

5. Home For Christmas – Submitted by Stephen Cadwell

This film is not available online.

6. Psychopathic Santa 2 – Submitted by Harry McCarthy Giles

7. Can’t Candle This –  submitted by Kieran O’Brien & Sinead McGlinchey

8. Stumble All The Way – submitted by Conor Hooper, Jamie Hooper & Emily Murray

9. Monopolmas – submitted by Kenny Gaughan

Click here to view.

So ended a truly special night! We hope you all had as great a time as we did. Thank you all for your support throughout 2016, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all again in 2017 for another year of quality short film!

Happy New Year,
from Kenny, Julia and Liam.