November 2016 Recap


Welcome one and all to another monthly recap, where we take the time to remember the great films shown at Little Cinema! This month was another barnstormer, with a great line up of quality shorts which kept out wonderful audience entertained on the night. If you missed it, or would like to rewatch any of the films screened, here’s your chance! Here are the links to any films which are currently available online for your viewing pleasure, so boil the kettle and pop some corn!


1. Falsely Imprisoned, submitted by Kenny Gaughan.
First up was a comedy sketch from our very own Kenny, about one man’s harrowing experience in a taxi…


2.Electronic Noise, submitted by Ruth McNally and John McLean
Next up was this fun, well edited short film made for the OFFline Film Challenge 2016, which challenges filmmakers to make a short in just 57 hours. Electronic Noise is not currently available online.











3.Derailed, submitted by Christian Craughwell.
Shot in Loughrea, Dunsandle Railway Station and Budapest, Derailed is another mysterious and beautifully shot film from Christian.



4.Before You Were Old, submitted by Max Webb
This great animation from Max Webb, of Tiny Epics, has quite a sting in its tail, which you will not see coming! Watch below to find out what I mean!



5. Blue Shawl, submitted by Mike O’Dowd
This gorgeous and moving film took us to the half way point of the screening. The full film is not online, but here’s a trailer to whet your appetite.



6. Contemporary Paleontology, submitted by Patrick Fallon
Another entry in the OFFline Film festival, this hilarious short was a great start to the second half of the night.



7.Twice Dead, Once Removed, submitted by Kevin Glynn
Next up was this tongue-in-cheek horror, featuring a sadistic killer clown! It’s not yet available online unfortunately.

8. This Is Not A Mugging, submitted by Gerard Browne
This hilarious comedy about an unusual encounter with a mythical being was the second last film of the evening. Its not yet available online.







9. Spotless, submitted by Emily Murray
Our last film of the evening was the winner of the OFFLine Film Festival Challenge 2016. Spotless is a superb comedy about the hapless chairperson of the Birr Tidy Town competition. It had the audeince in hysterics on the night, but unfortunately its not available online yet!












That’s it for another month! Huge thanks to all who contributed with films, and to our wonderful audience! We’ll see you all again on December 21st for a very festive Christmas themed Little Cinema!


September 2016 Recap


Wow! September’s Little Cinema was just one of those special nights; the audience were great, the films fantastic and there was a great energy in the room. A huge thank you goes to the submitters, as always, for providing great entertainment and art, as well as to our amazing audience. As you may be aware, we filled up very early this month, so apologies to those who didn’t get in. We hate to turn people away, but unfortunately we were at max capacity! If you missed the films, or if you did get to see them already and want another look, here are links to those currently available online.

  1. 1. Carnevil – The New Face of Evil. submitted by Manolo Marceno

    Up first was this very creepy short made to promote Carnevil, the West of Ireland’s first scare attraction, which will be running in the Connacht Tribune Printing Press from October 8th, if you’re feeling brave! (The link below is a slightly different edit from the version screened at Little Cinema.)

    2. An Irish Intervention, submitted by Declan Mungovan

    This comedy sketch, directed by Kenny Gaughan, shows what happens when one man decides to give up the booze; his friends and family are not pleased! Click the link below to see what happens.
    An Irish Intervention

    3. Besto Pesto, With Joe Pesto, submitted by Joe Davies

    Another hilarious comedy, this time from Joe Davies, about a guy who just loves pesto! Maybe a little too much…

    4. Doin’ Fine, submitted by Sean O’ Maille

    This short is an excerpt from an upcoming pilot made by Florence Films. For more infomation, and to view the film, check out their website at the link below.

    5. The Lucky Hair, submitted by Luke Morgan

    This madcap comedy sees a waiter forced to think on his feet when a customer finds a hair in their food. This hilarious short has some great performances! Check it out at the link below.
    The Lucky Hair

    6. The Circus Exchange, submitted by Meaghan McKeon Joyce

    First after the break was a great documentary about Galway Community Circus and their part in a European circus exchange. We’re huge fans of Galway Community Circus, and this film showed off their hard work perfectly!
    This film is not yet online.

    7. Each Uisce, submitted by Jamie Hooper

    Part of the Glimmermen project, this haunting short takes a look at the Each Uisce, a fascinating and terrifying part of Irish folklore. Watch it at the link below.
    Each Uisce

    8. How To Be A Woman (Unit 1), submitted by Megan Woods

    Another hilarious comedy sketch from Megan Woods, with a parody of those horrific “informational” videos from the 80’s… Watch it at the link below!
    How To Be A Woman (Unit 1)

    9. We Face This Land, submitted by Project Repeal

    We are very proud to get the chance to screen this hugely important film made by Project Repeal. It got a huge reception on the night, and we urge you to share it on social media to make sure this message is heard by everyone.

    So ended another night at Little Cinema! Don’t forget, next month is out Halloween Screening, so please be extra early to ensure you get in! If you have a film to submit, drop us an email and let us know ASAP as spaces are going fast. We can’t wait to see your films and costumes, so get working! We’ll have a very cool poster to show ye soon, so keep an eye out for that!Thanks for reading,


August 2016 Recap


Good evening all, welcome back to our website where once again we will be recapping the shorts screened at the last Little Cinema! First of all, huge thanks to all who submitted, and to those who came along on the night to show their support. Before I continue with the films, I’d just like to remind you all that… Halloween is coming! We LOVE Halloween at Little Cinema. because we get to screen amazing, inventive horror films! Places fill up very fast every year. If you have an idea for a film, then now is the time to get making it and be part of this years line-up! Now, on to this month’s movies!

 1. Fire & Brimstone by Driftwood Manor, submitted by Max Webb

A very welcome return from one of our first ever submitters, Max Webb, who made this incredible psychedelic animation as a music video for Driftood Manor. Watch it below.

2. Busk or Bust, submitted by Mike Casey

This fascinating documentary follows Dublin rapper and busker Tommy KD and his various run-ins with the authorities.

3. Tomorrow by Orchid Collective, submitted by Colm Dunne

This excellent live studio recording of the band Orchid Collective performing their song Tomorrow showcases their incredible, harmony driven sound perfectly. This piece was filmed ahead of the bands performance at this years Galway International Art Festival.

4. The Briefcase, submitted by Declan Mungovan

Another film from a returning submitter, this darkly comic short film was written and directed by Declan Mungovan in California.

5. Galway: Be Proud, submitted by Meaghan McKeon Joyce

Another excellent observational documentary from Meaghan McKenon Joyce, this piece showcases the recent Galway Pride Parade.

This film is not yet available online.

6.  I.R.I.S. submitted by Barry Fahy

This hilarious short comedy from Celtic Badger Media featured some great comic performances and, as always from Barry Fahy, looked absolutely gorgeous!

7. Dock Days, submitted by Martin King

A beautifully shot documentary from Martin King, which takes a detailed look at Galway’s Docks.

This film is not yet available online.

8. Antecedent, submitted by Joe Davies

This piece, made up entirely of still frames and narration, told a dark and winding tale of time-travel and futuristic war.

9. Time, submitted by Lakshika Serasinhe

Our last film of the night was this amazing documentary charting the work of artist Finbar247 and his incredible installation at University Hospital Galway.

That wrapped up another night at Little Cinema. Once again, thanks to everyone who screened their film , and to those who came along to watch them! We’ll see you all for September’s screening, keep an eye on our social media for the date!

Thanks for reading,


July 2016 Recap


Welcome all to Little Cinema online, where as always, we’ll be recounting the last Little Cinema! Where possible, we’ll provide links to the screened films should you want to give them one more viewing or share them with those who couldn’t make it. Huge thanks to those who joined us on the night, especially to our submitters for providing the entertainment! We look forward to seeing you all again next time, but for now, here’s a quick look at what we screened!

  1. 1. So It Is – Submitted by Kenny Gaughan

    First up was our very own Kenny with another great comedy sketch. Featuring Luke Morgan and Eddie Connolly as two friends getting on each others nerves, this piece got the night off to a great start. So it did.

    Click here to watch!

  2. 2. Barry Nevin’s Ne Plus Ultra Realism Adventure – Submitted by Cian Boland

    Next up was a short comedy-horror from Cian Boland, which made inventive use of toilet paper! You can watch it below to find out more.


  3. 3. Modern Times (Just A Number) – Submitted by Mike Casey

    This very interesting piece combined scenes from the classic Chaplin film Modern Times with music from Dublin rapper Tommy KD, aiming to combine the two distinct works to create a third narrative. Watch it below!
    Click here to watch!

  4. 4. La Orquesta Kalamares – La Bruja – Submitted by Matt Kavanagh

    This great, feel-good music video from Matt Kavanagh was shot half in Galway and half in Cuba for the amazing salsa band La Orquesta Kalameres. Put yourself in a good mood by watching it again!

  5. 5. Kittens – Submitted by Joe Davies and Shane Watts

    This comedy sketch was made by the guys during some downtime in the edit of another film, and featured some trippy editing! It got a lot of laughs on the night. Watch it below!


  6. 6. A Few Good People – Submitted by Martin King

    Taking us up to the break was this action film with a twist, submitted by Martin King. You can watch a trailer for the film below.


  7. 7. Prisoner – Submitted by Rob Morley

    First after the break was a very interesting film by Rob Morley which mixed live action and stop-motion animaton, with amazing results. You can watch it at the link below.


  8. 8. The Wolf – Submitted by Robert Siberry

    Up next was a film from Robert Siberry, who aimed to tell a story without words, instead focussing entirely on visuals in order to create a narrative. This goal was achieved with aplomb, with beautiful cinematography and terrific sound design.

  9. 9. Eat That Curry – TPM – Submitted by Graham Patterson

    The next film took a trip to the absurd, with a hilarious music video for the comedy act TPM extolling the many virtues of a good curry sauce. If you wanna feel a little grossed out, click the link below to watch!


  10. 10. Once Upon A Time – Submitted by Paddy Dean

    Our penultimate film of the night was a welcome return for Paddy Dean, and a huge change in pace from the previous short. This striking, poignant film was very well received by our audience, and hopefully will make appearances at film festivals soon.

  11. 11. Beard Are Appealing – Submitted by Sinead Boland

    Our final film of the night once again blended live action and stop-motion, and again went down a treat! Both hilarious and stomach churning, this short featured some truly excellent make-up design and special effects! Watch it here.

    So ended another fantastic night at Little Cinema! We’ll see you all again in August for more quality big-screen entertainment!Until then,

June 2016 Recap


Hello again folks, and welcome to our recap of June’s Little Cinema screening. Once again, the standard was extremely high across the board, with a great mix of different genres and styles on screen. It was great to see so many new faces in the crowd, and huge thanks must go to the audience for getting so involved in the screening. It really makes the night special when you can see, hear and feel the crowd reacting in unison to whats happening on screen.

On to the films themselves! As always, we’ll provide a link to any films which are currently available online.

  1. Work/Play With Benjy Bates, submitted by Harry Moylan.

    Kicking us off was this documentary/interview with local games developer Benjy Bates, discussing how he got involved in game development. We at Little Cinema are big supporters of Galway’s  game dev scene, so this doc was really interesting and shows how much passion Benjy has for his craft. Benjy is aprt of Hot Cereal, a local team making some really interesting games, and you can find out more about them by clicking right here!

  2. Mr. Beacon, submitted by Keian Conti

    This bizarre short comedy tells the story of Mr. Beacon, a man who lives alone and has some… interesting pastimes! You can watch it below.

  3. Breathe, submitted by Meaghan McKeon Joyce

    Next up was an amazing documentary submitted by Little Cinema regular Meaghan McKeon Joyce. The film tells the story of a middle aged man who decided to join the circus, and his trials and efforts really roused the audience on Wednesday night! It also highlighted the amazing work done by Galway Community Circus, and the service which they provide to the city.

  4. Lost Skies, submitted by Martin King

    This gorgeous observational documentary showcased Galway’s night skies, using some awe inspiring shots and a beautiful soundtrack. The hard work that went into this film was evident in the results on screen.

  5. The Little Post-It That Could, submitted by Dee Sullivan

    Last before the break was this fun animated film made as a college project by Dee Sullivan. Its “retro-game” inspired aesthetic balanced nicely with our opening film to close out the first half! You can watch the film below.

  6. Hostage, submitted by Daniel Clark

    Another film from a regular submitter, Hostage was a change in pace for the evening!  A very dark film , about a man being held hostage by three masked criminals looking for ransom money.

  7. Hot to Trot, submitted by Mike Casey

    This short documentary was shot at the Ballinasloe Horse Fair in 2015, and it depicts the protests after the use of “sulky” carts were prohibited at the fair.

  8. Made In Dun Laoghaire, submitted by Donal Kennedy

    This fascinating documentary tells the story of the Brendella Skirts manufacturing company. Brendella have been operating in Dun Laoghaire for over 70 years and are currently considering their first ever move to a new factory. You can watch the documentary below.


  9. Normal, submitted by Manolo Marceno

    The penultimate film of the night was this absolutely incredible music video for the song Normal by Les Photonics. The video was a masterclass in low budget film making, with some top class cinematography, editing and performances from the actors!

  10. Cuddle, submitted by Joe Davis

    Our final film of the night was a character study of a very lonely, disturbed man who wants someone to cuddle! You can watch the film below!

    So ended another great night at Little Cinema. Thanks to everyone who submitted their films for the screening, and to our wonderful audience on the night! Our next screening is a very special one, as we’ll be showcasing our favourite film of the past year at the Galway Film Fleadh! Tickets are available now, and you can buy them by clicking here.
    See you all again soon,