Halloween 2017 Recap

LC Hallo 17

Hello folks! Hope you’re all keeping warm and well as Winter sets in. We had a great night last week at our Halloween Special screening! Huge thanks to everyone who came along, especially those who put so much effort into their fancy dress! Congrats to Vera Kilgallon who took home the prize for best costume.

lc halloween

If you missed the night, here’s a reminder of the films screened, feel free to give those that are streaming online a share on social media!

  1. Where’s My Money?, submitted by Bip Henderson

    This film is not yet online.

  2. Dead Air, submitted by Emmett O’Brien


  3. Halloween, submitted by Damien Burke

    Click here to view.

  4. The Viewing, submitted by Kenny Gaughan

    This film is not yet online.

  5. Salvation, submitted by Colin Fleming

    This film is not yet online.

  6. The Dark Room, submitted by Colin Patrick Buckley

  7. Blood in the Woods, submitted by Emily Murray and Jamie Hooper

    This film is not yet online.

That’s all for October, which was a great month with both the Vodafone Comedy Carnival screening as well as Halloween. We’re back again in the Roisin Dubh at the end of November for a regular screening, as well as a very special screening of Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes on November 28th, featuring a Q&A with Brass Eye director Michael Cumming.

Thanks, and see you soon!
Kenny, Julia and Liam

Sketch Night at the Vodafone Comedy Carnival Recap

lc comedy 2017 b

Hello all! We were delighted this year to be asked to be part of the Vodafone Comedy Carnival. We’ve had some hilarious material screened at Little Cinema over the years, and we were excited to see what new sketches you could come up with for the night. Thanks to everyone for making such a huge effort, the  night was a huge success! Congratulations  to John Burke and Eoin Duggan of Join, whose sketch ‘Frank’ was chosen as the funniest by our guest judges Fred Cooke and Kevin Healy! If you missed out, or want a second viewing, here’s a list of the films screened.

The Story of Ikerus, submitted by Diarmaid Hanly

Final Round Of A Quiz, submitted by Michael Byrne

Off The Smokes, submitted by Craig Moran

Click here to view

The Polish/Irish Accent – Then vs Now, submitted by Bernard Casey

Squeakers, submitted by Spatula

Paul Does Stand-Up, submitted by Paul O’Mahony

The Betrayal, submitted by Comedy Shenanigans

The Method, submitted by Steve Bennett

Aliens, submitted by David-Patrick Emery

Sharing a Feeling with Marty Whelan, submitted by Shane O’Keefe

Frank, submitted by Join

Don’t Give Me That Eye, submitted by John Spillane

This film is not yet available online.

Judas And His Passion For The Christ, submitted by Malachy McKeever

Congrats to John and Eoghan once again, who took the prize for their hilarious sketch Frank. No doubt it was a tough decision, so thanks to our judges Fred Cooke and Kevin Healy! Hope you all enjoyed the rest of the Carnival! We’re back again very soon with our Halloween screening this Tuesday, the 31st. Fancy dress is encouraged at the screening, and we’ll have a prize for our favourite costume!

Thanks, and see you soon,

Kenny, Julia and Liam


Little Cinema at Galway Comedy Carnival

The Little Cinema is delighted to be a part of this years Vodafone Comedy Carnival Galway, and we have a brilliant night in store!

We will be screening a fantastic line up of hilarious comedy sketches, all under 5 minutes in length!

We’re still taking submissions for it until the 20th October and we’ll be choosing the funniest sketches to screen at the show, so it is going to be very, very funny!

We’ll also have a special guest comedian (TBA) from the Comedy Carnival who will watch the sketches and choose their favorite, the makers of which will receive a great prize and a token trophy (a very token trophy)!

The doors will be at 9pm and entry is €6, and if you want to submit a comedy sketch, contact us at littlecinemagalway@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you at what is going to be a great night! 🙂

Check out the rest of the Comedy Carnival line up and get your tickets at:


September 2017 Recap

Sept crowd lc

Welcome back! We’ve got some more fantastic short films for you, fresh from last week’s Little Cinema. Huge thanks to everyone who came along to be part of a magical night. There was a great buzz in the room, which you all contributed to! Of course, the biggest thank you goes to all those wonderful filmmakers for providing the night’s entertainment. If you missed out, here’s your chance to catch up, with links to those films which are currently available online.

  1. The Vikings Are Coming, submitted by Damien Burke

    Watch this film here.
     It’s about the Viking boat that was in Galway over the summer.

  2.  The Photographer, submitted by Lakshika Serasine

    This film is not yet available online.
    An artist is looking for a muse.

  3.  Finders Keepers, submitted by Stephen Staunton

    Two conspiracy theory obsessed stoners find an alien weapon in the woods. Cue shenanigans.

  4. Gimp Bishcuit Episode 2, submitted by

    Gimp Bishcuit

    Watch this film here. 

    Episode 2 of online sketch show – Gimp Bishcuit. A great mix of rural based Irish humour

  5. Gripped: Noel Considine, submitted by Noel Greene

    Gripped is the story of former Clare Hurler Noel Considine who found hope when his life was almost taken away from him with his struggles with alcohol abuse.

  6.  The Sniper, submitted by John McClafferty

    This film is not yet available online.

    Sniper is a Story about relationship Betrayal and the Act of God

  7.  An Eala Dubh, submitted by Conal Kearney & Peter Broderick

    Description: In early 2017, a black swan arrived in the Cladagh, Galway. This inspired a story of a brief encounter between a couple in the streets of Galway city.

  8.  The Stars Are Nefarious, submitted by Declan Mungovan

    Rolf’s first day on the job takes on an unexpected twist as he tries the patience of his new colleague and career veteran Jack.

  9.  Who’s The Man?, submitted by Steven Sharpe

    This is the music video for Steven Sharpe’s song “Who’s The Man”, which was directed, filmed and edited by Sávio Fernandes.

Lovely stuff! That’s all for this month, but we’ll be busy in October with two screenings at the end of the month. First up is our comedy sketch night on October 25th as part of the Vodafone Comedy Carnival, followed by our Halloween Screening on October 31st. We have very limited screening spaces left for both, so if you’d like to show your film at either event, contact us asap.

That’s all for now!
Kenny, Julia & Liam

August 2017 Recap

aug 17

Hello again! After taking a little break at the end of July, we were back again at the Roisin Dubh last Wednesday for another jam-packed screening of fantastic short films. Was great to see a lot of new faces in the crowd as our beautiful community continues to grow, and we hope to see you all again soon! As always, the films screened were a testament to the high standard of film-making that is taking place in Galway and all over Ireland. Seriously folks, there is a beautiful movement happening across our fair nation that you owe it to yourself to be a part of, so get down to our screenings and support your local artists! Here’s a list of the films screened in August’s Little Cinema.

  1. Five Films, submitted by Brian McCormack

    A small collection of 5 short films. The first 4 were conceived, written, filmed, edited and
    published within 24 hours. The 5 th film, used this same process as an approach to writing
    separate scenes for the film. Each film is a snapshot of mild surrealism in the character’s mind.

  2. Milly, submitted by Teresa Lavina

    This film is not yet available online

  3. Her Husband, submitted by Leah Ring &Jack Lunt

    This film is not yet available online.
    A moving insight into the life of a man surviving his beloved wife.

  4. Cat Story, submitted by David Patrick Emery

    A story about cats that may be true!


  5. Purgatory Speech, submitted by Meaghan McKeon Joyce

    A reflection of life on judgement day, but who really judges you?

  6. DPP – Detective Pat and Paul, submitted by Paul McGuigan &James Ward

    Pat and Paul are freewheeling parish priests who moonlight as detectives with the Irish police force An Garda Síochána.

    When their crime fighting conflicts with their priestly vocation, they remind themselves of the old testament’s notions of justice.


  7. Twitch, submitted by JayolaFm of FreeMusicRep

    JayolaFm’s latest Hiphop music video ‘Twitch’ which is shot in Galway.

  8. Where’s Dad?, submitted by Gary White

    This film is not yet available online
    A short documentary highlighting the struggles of single fathers in modern Ireland

  9. Gloryhole, submitted by Wesley Houdyshell

    This film is not yet available online

That’s a wrap for August! Few announcements while we’re here;

  • We’re screening a night of comedy sketches for this years Vodafone Comedy Carnival on the 25th of October – time to break out the funny wigs and fart-noises, as we’re looking for your funniest shorts! Contact us ASAP if you’d like to be featured – the funniest film on the night will win a pretty sweet prize! Film-makers have to be able to attend the screening, and films must be no longer than five minutes. More info on our Facebook page, so give us a like!
  • October is also Halloween – we’re gauging interest at the moment to see if people are up for a spooky screening as it falls around the same time as the Comedy Carnival. If the films are there, we’ll screen ’em, so be sure to give us a shout and get in early!

That’s all for now!
Kenny, Julia & Liam