Little Cinema May Recap

Howdy folks, welcome to another Little Cinema recap! As ever, May was a veritable feast of high quality short films, made locally with passion and skill by the talented filmmakers of Galway and further afield! We had music videos, documentaries, comedy sketches, art-pieces and more! On top of all that, there was a full house audience there to support these filmmakers, so huge props to those who showed up to be part of another great month at Little Cinema. Here’s a reminder of what we screened last week;

  1. The Other of One, submitted by Sean O’Maille


  2. Resonate, submitted by Andrew Galea
    The following video is a promo for Resonate;


  3. The Secret, submitted by Jessica Keatley
    this film is not yet available online.
  4. Fragments, submitted by Luke Kennedy


  5. Apocalypse 200, submitted by Patrick Crean
    This film is not yet online.
  6. Still, submitted by Teresa Lavina
    This film is not yet online.
  7. Panic Attack, submitted by Mark McConville


  8. Interruption, submitted by David Patrick Emery


  9. Huiceiri na Gaillimhe, submitted by Chris Tierney


    That’s it for another month! Bear in mind that June is gonna be a bumper Little Cinema month, with the 48 Hour Challenge as well as our regular screening at the end of the month! We’re very excited to see what people can create in the 48 Hour Challenge, and we have some sweet music videos lined up for the end of the month also, so make sure to get to those screenings!

    We’ll catch you soon,
    Kenny, Julia and Liam