Watch the documentary about the Little Cinema

Little Cinema Galway. A labour of love. Supporting film-making in Galway at grass roots levels. Fueled by the creativity of local film-makers and film-lovers. Ran by Kenny Gaughan, Liam Doherty and Julia Puchovska.

This is our ID project documentary made with the kind support of Galway Film Centre and Arts Council IrelandGalway City Council and Galway County Council.

It is an opportunity for people that know us to think back over the 3 years of film-making, fun, networking and meeting some truly amazing people. And for people that don’t know us it is a chance to find out what Little Cinema is all about and how it supports film creativity in Galway.

We’d like to say big thank you to our project co-ordinator Nuala Broderick and our editor Manuela Corbari.

Many thanks to the wonderful interviewees Stephen Cadwell, BattleGar Stalactica,Carla Maria Tighe and Aaron Corless, Pickles Malarkey and Colin H McCay, Max Webb and their heart-felt insight.

Special thanks to Christopher Tierney from Fable Interactive Media for providing his awesome 3D animation skills as well as shooting some top footage for us during our screenings.

Last but not least, thanks to Kelly’s Galway for providing the space for all the magic to happen!

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