Little Cinema November – Film Links

A quick recap of the 11 fantastic short films that we screened last week at the Little Cinema!

1.¬†Nigel O’Brien: Friends Of Emmet – “Headlines”

Our first short of the night the music video made by Nigel O’Brien and Barry Fahy, for the band Friends Of Emmet, for their song Headlines.

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2. Eamonn Norris: Timeless

Our next short was from first time submitter Eamonn Norris, with his film Timeless, a a fantasy adventure that tells the story of a young man who travels through time to the present day.

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3. Hugh Sweeney: The Deal

Next was regular submitter Hugh Sweeney’s first ever short film, based around a deal which takes an unexpected turn!

The Deal H.264 1080p from Hugh Sweeney on Vimeo.

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4. Stephen Ward: Harry

Stephen Ward presented the next short, a lovely documetnary about ‘Harry’, a local character from the town of Clifden.

‘Harry’ from Barry Ryan on Vimeo.

5. Luke Morgan: Re-Writing the Argument

The last short before the break was submitted by Luke Morgan, called ‘Re-Writing the Argument’, which was a very funny short based on a writer who finds his writing skills have special powers!

6. Diarmaid Hanly: Detective Phukxitt

First up after the break was the hilarious short animation by Diarmaid Hanly, called ‘Detective Phukxitt’, which got lots of laughs from the audience.

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7. Chris Tierney: Fidget Feet – The Shoemaker & The Elves

Next up was Chris Tierney’s promo video for the excellent Fidget Feet, and their show The Showmaker & The Elves.

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8. Brian O’Brien / Susan Collins: Lying Down

The following short was the beautiful ‘Lying Down’, submitted by Susan Collins and Brian O’Brien, which won best film at this years Offline 24 Hour Film Festival

9. Ray Grady: The Search Continues

The next short was submitted by Ray Grady, and was a hilarious trailer for a film we all want to see get made!

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10. Steven Sharpe: Uganda

The penultimate short of the night was the brilliant music video made by Marta Barcikowska for Steven Sharpe’s beautiful song ‘Uganda’.

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11. Colm McElligott & Emily Murray: Runners Episode 5

We finished off the night with the triumphant return of ‘Runners’, which got a fantastic reception, watch out for it going live on 1st December!

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