Little Cinema November Recap

Little Cinema’s November line-up had something for everyone, from hilarious comedy to in your face, gross out horror! Here’s a little review of the night’s films, with links to films where available.


The night opened with the aptly titled “Sketches” submitted by Little Cinema’s very own Kenny Gaughan. “Sketches” consisted of, well, comedy sketches of course! Featuring nods to Monty Python as well as an obnoxious lad on a cold night out, our first film of the evening was a warm and welcome lighthearted start to a great night.


Next up was a moody period drama from Mike McNamara, titled “Exposed Again.” This nicely shot and very well acted piece set in 1950’s USA was fraught with tension and¬†featured some great dialogue. Exposed Again is a simple and well executed short, with great performances from Mike McNamara and Edel Quinn.


Third film of the night was Chris Tierney’s typically astonishing and beautiful observational documentary on this years Macnas Parade. The film showcased all the hallmarks of Tierney’s work; beautiful camerawork, tight editing and an unfailing eye for the perfect shot Chris has an uncanny knack for capturing the beauty of Galway, both in its scenery and its spirit, and this film was no exception. Check out more of Chris’ work on Earthbound Films.


Next up was a film all the way from the USA, submitted to us by Matt Myslinski. “All’s Fair” is a period drama set telling the story of doomed love against the backdrop of the American Civil War. Matt’s confident introduction set us up for an equally assured film, with great production values and solid performances all round. Donut Guy Productions are definitely a team to look out for!


Bringing us closer to the half-time interval was Fintan Geraghty’s music video for Galway band The Jordans catchy song, “Evil Lady.” Geraghty showcased the song in superb fashion with a colourful and energetic promo. Both the band and the filmmakers are ones to watch!


Last before the break was Nigel O’Brien’s long awaited sci-fi “The Last Man.” With scenic Connemara stepping in for a post-apocalyptic wasteland, “The Last Man” was introduced by Nigel as being inspired by The Twilight Zone, and this certainly seemed appropriate, with a moody and dark atmosphere and a narrative that offered some great twists. The film had a gorgeous look and should be doing the rounds at festivals in the near future!


First up after the break was Light Interference, submitted by writer/director Patrick Fallon. Made in just 57 hours for the Offline Film Festival, “Light Interference” was a charming and funny short with a great soundtrack by Vincent Hughes and Ross Gavin.


Next up was “1v1”¬† by Brian O’Brien, shot on the canal walkways of Galway City. This delightful short comedy depicted two friends (played by Joe Power and Chris Moran) as they faced up to the painful departure of one of the pair leaving the country by having pretend shoot-outs and swordfights.


Our penultimate short of the evening was another music video, for Brian Russo Clancy’s excellent song “My Life,” submitted by Barry Fahy. Barry is another regular submitter at Little Cinema, and his films are always something to get excited about. This visually inventive video was subtly directed to let the song’s lyrics speak for themselves, definitely a clever approach when the source material was this good. The video for “My Life” is another huge success from director Barry Fahy.


Our final submission of the night was from Matt Kavanagh, who had wowed the audience at this years Halloween screening with his short “Dark Days.” His incredible visual style was back in force with the sublime horror “The Sanctuary.” An eery and subdued intro gave way to wacky, over-the-top, tongue in cheek violence, which had the audience cheering along with the movie. The films visual effects deserve special mention for inventiveness, with heads looped off and disembodied legs comically shambling away after being sliced off with a chainsaw; “The Sanctuary” comes highly recommended to fans of horror cinema!

So ended another great night at Little Cinema. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for links to any of the above films which are online! Lastly, I don’t need to remind anyone that Christmas is just around the corner, so if you have any films you’d like to submit, be sure to get in contact with us ASAP, as spaces for our December 16th Christmas Special are being snapped up!

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Written by Liam