Little Cinema – The Room Screening 2014

Thanks everyone who came along last to the Room screening! Mighty craic was had!

Kenny and Liam had great fun introducing the phenomenon to some of our ‘Room Virgins’.

Congrats to Sarah Browne, our best Tommy Wiseau look-alike from last night’s screening! She got three Little Cinema cocktails as a reward!

Which brings me to the next point of interest – The Little Cinema Cocktail! We have our own cocktail – how awesome is that?!

House infused popcorn rum, butterscotch liqueur and coke. It tases like caramel popcorn and it’s dangerously delicious! Thanks ever so much Kelly’s Galway for the gesture!

The cocktail will ONLY be available at our Little Cinema nights, UPSTAIRS in Kelly’s, for €5. We had it last night and it’s bloody amazing! Sample it next Tuesday at our January screening!


Julia, Kenny and Liam

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