Random Acts of Kindness

On the night of our Little Cinema Christmas Special, our Little Cinema ‘Short Films Here Tonight’ sign was cheekily stolen from outside of Kelly’s. It was a pity, as it’s a sign that served us well for a long time! ¬†We put the word out there on social media, trying to claim it back.

It was later found – muddied, creased and with tyre marks on it!

BUUUUUUT, and this is LOVELY, the manager at Cantec Print got in touch with us the next day, saying that if we need to get the sign re-done they would be able to help us out free of charge!

In the end, they gave us not one, but TWO signs! It is acts of kindness like that that tip the balance in the world for the good!

Thank you so so much to the peeps at Cantec Print! Make sure you think of them for your printing needs next time and follow them on facebook and twitter!

Julia, Kenny and Liam

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