The Room – Spoons!!!

We had an amazing screening of ‘The Room’ last Tuesday! The crowd was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing and of course, the film was amazing!!!

When ‘The Room’ gets screened, audience interaction plays a huge part in the event, and at this screening, the audience out-did themselves! We had everything; a full rendition of Happy Birthday sang by the whole crowd to Johnny, a to and fro booing and cheering of Johnny and Mark as they played American football together, and of course the obligatory quote shouting by crowd! There were parts in the film where the audience were providing more laughs than the actual film was, which was brilliant.

If you haven’t seen ‘The Room’ in a group setting yet, believe us, it is a film experience like no other you will ever have! Keep an eye out for the next screening, you will NOT regret going along!

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