July 2016 Recap

Welcome all to Little Cinema online, where as always, we’ll be recounting the last Little Cinema! Where possible, we’ll provide links to the screened films should you want to give them one more viewing or share them with those who couldn’t make it. Huge thanks to those who joined us on the night, especially to our submitters for providing the entertainment! We look forward to seeing you all again next time, but for now, here’s a quick look at what we screened!

  1. 1. So It Is – Submitted by Kenny Gaughan

    First up was our very own Kenny with another great comedy sketch. Featuring Luke Morgan and Eddie Connolly as two friends getting on each others nerves, this piece got the night off to a great start. So it did.

    Click here to watch!

  2. 2. Barry Nevin’s Ne Plus Ultra Realism Adventure – Submitted by Cian Boland

    Next up was a short comedy-horror from Cian Boland, which made inventive use of toilet paper! You can watch it below to find out more.


  3. 3. Modern Times (Just A Number) – Submitted by Mike Casey

    This very interesting piece combined scenes from the classic Chaplin film Modern Times with music from Dublin rapper Tommy KD, aiming to combine the two distinct works to create a third narrative. Watch it below!
    Click here to watch!

  4. 4. La Orquesta Kalamares – La Bruja – Submitted by Matt Kavanagh

    This great, feel-good music video from Matt Kavanagh was shot half in Galway and half in Cuba for the amazing salsa band La Orquesta Kalameres. Put yourself in a good mood by watching it again!

  5. 5. Kittens – Submitted by Joe Davies and Shane Watts

    This comedy sketch was made by the guys during some downtime in the edit of another film, and featured some trippy editing! It got a lot of laughs on the night. Watch it below!


  6. 6. A Few Good People – Submitted by Martin King

    Taking us up to the break was this action film with a twist, submitted by Martin King. You can watch a trailer for the film below.


  7. 7. Prisoner – Submitted by Rob Morley

    First after the break was a very interesting film by Rob Morley which mixed live action and stop-motion animaton, with amazing results. You can watch it at the link below.


  8. 8. The Wolf – Submitted by Robert Siberry

    Up next was a film from Robert Siberry, who aimed to tell a story without words, instead focussing entirely on visuals in order to create a narrative. This goal was achieved with aplomb, with beautiful cinematography and terrific sound design.

  9. 9. Eat That Curry – TPM – Submitted by Graham Patterson

    The next film took a trip to the absurd, with a hilarious music video for the comedy act TPM extolling the many virtues of a good curry sauce. If you wanna feel a little grossed out, click the link below to watch!


  10. 10. Once Upon A Time – Submitted by Paddy Dean

    Our penultimate film of the night was a welcome return for Paddy Dean, and a huge change in pace from the previous short. This striking, poignant film was very well received by our audience, and hopefully will make appearances at film festivals soon.

  11. 11. Beard Are Appealing – Submitted by Sinead Boland

    Our final film of the night once again blended live action and stop-motion, and again went down a treat! Both hilarious and stomach churning, this short featured some truly excellent make-up design and special effects! Watch it here.

    So ended another fantastic night at Little Cinema! We’ll see you all again in August for more quality big-screen entertainment!Until then,