May 2016 Recap

Howdy folks! Hope all’s well! We’re still buzzing from our May screening, which was our 6th birthday! Its a little hard to believe that its been 6 years already. Its really been such an amazing time and we’re very proud of the community of people that have come together to become the most important part of Little Cinema. So, to everyone who’s been supporting us throughout the years, give yourselves a pat on the back and a huge THANK YOU from us!

So, on to another amazing night of short films!

  1. 1. Perseverance – Submitted by Lakshika SerasinheFirst up was the always amazing Lakshika Serasinhe with a beautiful piece capturing a surfer on a sunny morning in February.

    2. Precious Moments – submitted by Nigel O’Brien
    This documentary, edited by Nigel O’Brien, was written and directed by Frances Jones.

    3. Glimmermen – submitted by Jamie Hooper
    This short piece serves as a trailer of sorts for a very interesting upcoming project called Glimmermen. More information can be found at the following link ;

    4. The Inagh Dog – submitted by Luke Morgan
    This very charming and very funny short,¬†made by Luke Morgan, stars Zach as the un-lonely dog! Its not online yet, but we’ll share a link as soon as it is!

    5. Rose in the Thorns – submitted by Tiernan Bines
    This was Tiernan’s first submission and indeed his first film, and got some great laughs on the night! Its not available online as of yet, but we’ll post a link when it is.

    6. Space Pig | S07E13 ” Bite Me” Reaction + Opinions | Please Share, Like and Subscribe – submitted by Diarmiad Hanly
    This hilarious short was a pitch perfect parody of Youtube reaction videos from the always hilarious Diarmiad Hanly.

    7. Galway Community Circus: Circomics – submitted by Julia Puchovska
    First after the break was our very own Julia Puchovska with a fantastic film about the Galway Community Circus recent show Circomics. The team at Galway Community Circus always put on a great show and this was certainly no exception!

    8. Filthy Animals – submitted by Patrick Fallon
    Our second short of the night featuring animal performers, this hilarious comedy got a great reaction form the crowd! Its not online yet, but we’ll link it as soon as its available.

    9. We Can Sell You Diseases Wholesale – submitted by Tony Rogers
    This comedy, spoofing TV infomercials is not yet available online, but we’ll share a link when it is.

    10. GCCPD – submitted by Tommy Dawson
    This was another first film, great to see new faces at Little Cinema! The film is a funny spoof of 70’s cop shows and was made as a college project. Its not online yet, but we’ll post a link when it is!

    11. Havin’ The Craic – Kenny Gaughan
    A remake of a previously submitted comedy sketch made for the Galway Theatre Festival screening, this film followed the antics of a couple of obnoxious lads on a pub crawl!

    12. Paul Does… Stand Up! – submitted by Paul O Mahony
    From a series of videos featuring Paul O Mahony trying out new things, this film sees him trying his hand at stand up comedy!

    Thats all for another month at Little Cinema! We’ll be back next month and as always, we’re looking for submissions, so if you have a film you’d like to share, send us an email at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

    Thanks for reading,