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Little Cinema May Recap

Howdy folks, welcome to another Little Cinema recap! As ever, May was a veritable feast of high quality short films, made locally with passion and skill by the talented filmmakers of Galway and further afield! We had music videos, documentaries, comedy sketches, art-pieces and more! On top of all that, there was a full house audience there […]

Recap April 2017

Every year at Little Cinema, we put on a few special screenings aside from our regular programming. Among them, the One Take Film Challenge stands out as perhaps the most interesting. As a collaboration with the amazing Galway Theatre Festival, we challenge filmmakers to work within the same rules as live theatre, as in, their […]

Recap March 2017

Hello all and welcome to another Little Cinema recap, where we will be looking back at another night of terrific short films! Last week held another great line-up, with a very diverse catalog of films on show. As ever, we will be providing link to the films where possible, so if there’s anything you really […]

February 2017 Recap

Hello again! Here we are, another month almost behind us and another fantastic screening to look back on fondly! While Storm Doris raged outside, it was nice and toasty at Little Cinema, so thank you all for braving the nasty weather and joining us. A special thank you must go to all those who submitted […]

July 2016 Recap

Welcome all to Little Cinema online, where as always, we’ll be recounting the last Little Cinema! Where possible, we’ll provide links to the screened films should you want to give them one more viewing or share them with those who couldn’t make it. Huge thanks to those who joined us on the night, especially to […]